Welcome to Glidemaster, a place for exclusively custom-designed automatic rolling shutters. We offer elegant patterns, customizable dimensions, and customer-oriented service. With the exceptionally formulated manufacturing and quality assurance process, we are able to provide automatic rolling shutters of global standards. We are proud to be the number one manufacturer for automatic rolling shutters in Palakkad. Arrive at our showroom to check out the designs and order one for your property.

We have been one of the prominent firms in Kerala since the early 1980s. Our four-decade-long endeavour has been energized by the support and accolades from the customers. We provide automatic shutters in Palakkad, for residential buildings, commercial establishments, and industrial properties. The design, material used, operation process and functionalities would be modified according to your needs. Our professional team would extend you optimal guidance to select the best one for your premise.

Besides manufacturing and delivering automatic rolling shutters in Palakkad, we are one of the leading distributors of automatic parking, boom barriers, automatic bollards, retractable roofs, hoisting chandeliers, and sliding windows. Precisely manufactured motorized rolling shutters in Palakkad are what distinguishes us from others. In addition to manufacturing and installing the shutter at your premise, we also provide warranty maintenance and periodic servicing.

Outstanding customer care and service have been the predominant factors that made us the sought-after firm in the field. Moreover, ours will be the most competitive automatic rolling shutter price in Palakkad. You can drop by our showroom to discuss the production process, assembly, and other factors related to automatic rolling shutters.

Being the renowned automatic rolling shutter manufacturers and dealers in Palakkad, we would be the ideal option for you to get one.

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The impeccable manufacturing process and stringent quality measures distinguish us from other automatic rolling shutter manufacturers in Palakkad. Quality assurance begins from the stage of selecting the material. Our team inspects and evaluates the material strength, and specifications thoroughly before approving it for usage. Not only that, the shutter would be inspected during each stage of the manufacturing process. The shutters that don’t meet the stipulated conditions would be rejected outright by the quality assurance team. Therefore, you will get a durable automatic rolling shutter in Palakkad from us, without any concerns.

constant customer support and client-centric services would be vital for trouble-free operations and quick defect rectification. We are just a call away in case you want any technical or product support during the entire lifetime of the products purchased from us. The technical team will reach your place and undertake repair, replacement, refurbishment or maintenance. We would also extend periodic preventive maintenance service as well, on a required basis.

Glidemaster cemented its credibility as a responsible automatic rolling shutter manufacturer in Palakkad through selfless acts and proactive actions. Observing a customer-oriented attitude, we continue to scale heights of success. We will provide you with automatic shutters of exemplary quality at the best automatic rolling shutter price in Palakkad.

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What makes Glidemaster different from other Shutter Manufacturers in Palakkad?

We would continue the customer relationship throughout the operation period of the products purchased from us. Let it be automatic rolling shutters, automatic parking, boom barriers, hoisting chandeliers or any other product. Just ping us in case of any queries or requirements. Our qualified customer care executive will arrive at your place to resolve the issues without any delay.

Our clientele has lauded the matchless dedication towards customers and workmanship rendered by Glidemaster. We focus on enhancing product quality by introducing advanced technical features and incorporating new methodologies. With an aim to keep with the global standards, we have collaborated with some of the leading international entities.

Glidemaster invites you to our showroom in Palakkad to check out the wide collection of automatic rolling shutter designs. Furthermore, you can suggest any particular design you have in mind for us to manufacture it exclusively for you. Our technical experts would examine the pattern and give you a feasibility report regarding manufacturing the same. Offering great convenience and comfort automatic shutters are replacing traditional shutters across Palakkad.

It is the right time to install an automatic rolling shutter at your commercial, residential or industrial property in Palakkad. To replace the traditional shutter at your place or for installing one at your newly built property, contact us now.