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    World class products that exceeds international standards, guaranteed to be aesthetic, functional and reliable

  • World’s best Italian entrance automation systems

    Inventory that consist of both imported and in-house products mainly for industrial, commercial and residential uses

  • Established since 1982

    Years of experience meeting premium quality of products delivered together with astounding
    customer service

Industrial Products

Heavy duty shutters for securing openings in applications such as Industrial units, warehouse, farm buildings and factories.

Commerical Products

Strong and light weight shutters that can used for, but not limited to, office windows, reception counters or servery opening, division of a room or commercial garages

Residential Products

Secure and safe shutters that can be used in a residential environments like windows, patio doors, sun rooms, sky lights or residential garages

We Glidemaster

To put it in the simplest of terms, we are Glidemaster. With years of experience, excellence in service and premium quality of the products supplied, we have become one of the industry standards in a country of 1.3 billion people. With our professionalism and service we are becoming the first choice for both bulk and individual customers alike. We deliver a broad range of innovative and high quality products, while being aesthetically pleasing, they also meet our customers need for efficiency and security. Our customer satisfaction rates are nearly perfect, a success we attribute to meeting the demands of the customer by providing the precise solution they seek.

Who We Are?

  • We are among the elite few who manufacture products in-house in the country.
  • We have an unmatched record of proven performance in new-generation automatic rolling shutters across the country.
  • We are the first professional brand in automatic rolling shutters from the state and today we are India’s most innovative brand rated by the country’s best corporates/retailers.
  • Glidemasters is the technology partnership of world leaders in entrance automation like CAME and MFZ OVITOR
  • Quality is the bottom line in Glidemaster’s philosophy. We are on a continuing commitment to achieve increasingly ambitious client satisfaction aims.

We Are Expert In Different Solutions

We have a wide range of industry-standard automatic rolling shutters that even can be customised with requirements put forward by an individual client. Our highest selling and most demanded range of products is from our automated section in our inventory.

Automatic Shutters

Lightweight and precisely designed automatic rolling shutters that would suit well on entrances and open walls alike, for either commercial, residential and industrial structures.

Automatic Gates

Worlds best gate automation system powered by CAME Italy. We provide the best gate automation solutions along with the best gate automation hardware from CAIS.

Automatic Parking

Automated systems to aid in parking areas or similar systems that modelled on queuing of vehicles. We specialise in boom barriers and token systems.

Automatic Bollards

Automatic retractable or automatic telescoping bollards are used in high traffic areas. It has very high impact resistance as it is formed from cast steel.

Boom Barriers

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point.

Customised Automation

Depending on the client’s needs, we cater to specific and unique automation requests like moving walls, sliding roofs, folding stairs moving floors, hosting chandlers and much more.

The brand with legacy and commitment to quality

Ar. Biju Philip

The best entrance automation solution provider

Er. Appu Thomas

Reliable brand we can think of

- Ar. John Mathew

Top quality products at reasonable prices. I always suggest for my clients.

- Ar. Richa Singhal

Some of our Valuable Clients

Automatic Rolling Shutter Dealers in Kerala

Glidemaster is the uncrowned leader in automatic rolling shutters for about four decades. Established in 1982, we have been delivering aesthetically designed products of varying range. Our research and development team constantly research and identify innovative ideas and incorporate the same. We have a wide range of products including automatic rolling shutters, automatic parking, boom barriers, automatic gates and automatic bollards. Being the top automatic rolling shutter dealers in Kerala, you will find our products at every corner of the state.

The impeccable design features and outstanding quality make us a cut above the rest. We deliberate the requirements of our clients and customise the product accordingly. Thereby, meeting the customer’s needs without any failure. We follow a time-tested designing, manufacturing, and quality assurance process to ensure efficient functioning of the items. Customer satisfaction has been our motto since inception and we strive to deliver the best.

Renowned as the best automatic rolling shutter manufacturers in Kerala, we have several other automated products too. Our variety of products includes the following.

Automatic Shutters

Precision is the basis of designing a smoothly functioning automatic system. We focus on accurate calculations to create fault-free automatic shutters. After analysing the customer needs, we follow a laid down pattern to craft the design of the automatic shutter for residential properties, commercial buildings and industrial establishments. Our models include Automatic Polycarbonate shutter, Automatic Insulated Shutter, Automatic Glass Sectional Shutters, Automatic Industrial Sectional Shutter, Automatic fire rated shutters etc.

Fire Rated Shutters

Automatic fire-rated Shutters are barriers designed to protect wall openings from the spread of fire. Glidemaster provides fire rated shutters that offer automatic functioning in the occurrence of fire. Constructed of sturdy material, the automatic fire-rated shutters of Glidemaster come in a variety of standards, designs, and finishes for optimal strength, durability and style.

Automatic Gates

Imagine the convenience offered by an automatic gate. The electrically controlled automatic gates from Glidemaster come with easy-to-use remote control. The gate would be designed based on your suggestion and space availability. It could be either swing open or sliding type

Automatic Parking

Commercial areas with a large number of vehicle parking will need an automatic parking facility. With more vehicles coming in and queueing up, the system has to be fast enough and accurate. Our proven automatic parking system will be of great help for both commercial entities and residential enclaves to reduce human effort, improve parking efficiency and monitor the parking.

Automatic Bollards

We manufacture automatic retracting/ telescoping bollards for use in areas with heavy traffic. Made of cast Steel, the bollards will have excellent longevity and high impact resistance. Ideal for both government and private premises, wherein substantial traffic has to be controlled.

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers must be lightweight, as well as, strong. We manufacture excellent quality boom barriers that could be used in vehicle stoppage points, parking entrance, vehicle traffic controls and so on.

We customize the automation, product design and dimensions according to the client’s needs. You may contact us for any kind of automatic gates, moving walls, hoisting chandlers, retractable stairs, moving roofs and many other similar requirements.

Glidemaster is the number one automatic rolling shutter dealers in Kerala and we distribute automatic rolling shutters across the state.

Why Shutters, Gates and Home Automation?

Automated gates, automatic rolling shutters and automatic moving walls make life easy and comfortable. The positive points of installing shutters, gates and home automation are elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs, point by point.


Using an automated shutter, gate, or any other system will be of utmost convenience to you. You only have to press a button to get the work done. Further, no physical labour required, when you have an automatic shutter or gate. Imagine the difficulty when you have to rotate the handle, with all your strength, to get the shutter closed. Or getting down from the car, or calling the servant from inside the home, just for opening the gate.


It is very comforting to have a moving wall or retractable roof at home. Just click on the switch to move the wall, open the windowpane or retract the roof to let cool breeze and sunlight in.


You may require a person to operate the rolling shutters if it is not an automated one. Even then, it will not be feasible to have a moving roof. Avoid the requirement of an employee for all these tasks.

Why Choose Glidemaster for your automatic rolling shutters in Kerala?

Glidemaster strictly adheres to the laid down protocols for maintaining the quality, reliability and longevity of the products we manufacture. With a sturdy system in place for inspecting and assuring the quality of each of our creations, we ensure that our clients get the best product in the market. The constant focus on quality has made us the frontrunner in automatic rolling shutter dealers in Kerala.

By meticulously pursuing unadulterated formulae, we have been creating unparalleled success in the world of automated gates, automatic shutters and other automated systems of similar nature. You may contact us to know more about our products, price range and other features. For the best quality automatic rolling shutters in Kerala, contact the Glidemaster team. 

We help you automate your world with premium automatic rolling shutters.