Automatic rolling shutters are quickly replacing traditional shutters. The arrival of popular manufacturers and their reputed identity has turned the transition much faster. The customers can get custom-tailored motorized rolling shutters that will add to the appeal of the shop. At the same time, providing easy and convenient operation. The most common materials considered for shutters are Polycarbonate and Aluminium.

Polycarbonate Motorized Rolling Shutters

Durable and strong, yet lightweight, rolling shutters are normally what a client looks for. Sturdy polycarbonate material has gained wide popularity in a quick time. The main aspects that make Polycarbonate automatic rolling shutters more preferable are:

  • Longevity – The material is extremely durable.
  • Strength – It is lightweight, however strong.
  • Non-corrosive – The special material doesn’t have any corrosive metal components. The non-corrosive factor makes it usable at any location, including the areas with saline atmosphere and tropical climatic conditions.
  • Aesthetics – The aesthetic appeal of polycarbonate is higher than any other material.
  • Maintenance-friendly – It doesn’t require much preventive or corrective maintenance.
  • Energy-efficient – The shutters are lightweight and don’t need much electrical energy to hoist or lower.

Aluminium Rolling Shutters

Aluminium is another common material used for roller shutters. The sturdy shutters offer high security and effective resistance during adverse weather scenarios. The visual barrier provided by the aluminium shutters enhances the safety of the industrial space and commercial enclave.

The Types of Rolling Shutters Available for Shops

We are highlighting the common types of rolling shutter available for shops. You can select the right one depending on varying considerations. We request you to consult our professional team in case you want expert guidance in finalizing the right automatic rolling shutter for your shop.

Heavy Duty Shutters

Heavy-duty shutters are highly recommended for shops that require high security. The shutters are made of heavy material and can be integrated with advanced burglary prevention systems. Choose this type of shutter if you want an automatic rolling shutter for your jewellery, warehouses containing costly goods, industrial units that necessitate exceptional security measures.

The paramount aspects that are offered by heavy-duty shutters are:

  • The automatic rolling shutter that can be operated easily
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Security
  • Resistant to external forces

Wider Span Shutters

Numerous clients search for shutters with a wider span than normal. Earlier they had to agree for low-quality shutters with the increase in span. The arrival of quality-proven wide span shutters has changed the scenario. Now you can get automatic rolling shutters with a span of up to 14 m. This is a much higher span than a normal industrial shutter. We promise the following:

  • Automatic rolling shutter with a span up to 14m, for you to choose from
  • Outstanding longevity
  • Reliable services
  • Shutters ideal for shopping malls, commercial spaces and other industrial establishments

Continuous Duty Shutters

Your shop or any other area that requires repeated opening and closing will need this type of shutter. Continuous duty shutter will work efficiently even after countless repeated usage. The special materials used are resistant to wear and tear due to frequent operations. Continuous duty automatic shutters are ideal for installation in gateways, and warehouses that need a repeated operation.

  • Automatic rolling shutter with special materials to withstand wear and tear due to repeated operation
  • Reliability
  • Choose the colour you want
  • Maintenance-friendly

Automatic Polycarbonate Shutters

Automatic rolling shutters made of polycarbonate material are strong, durable, and appealing. The lightweight and maintenance-friendly shutters offer better energy efficiency as well. The unique feature of the shutters are:

  • Sturdy material
  • High durability
  • Transparent
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent security aspects

Ornamental/ Classic Grill Shutters

Our exclusively designed ornamental/ classic grill shutters will please the eyes with beautiful features. You can choose the right one for you from the range of designs offered. The premium-grade material used in making ornamental/ classic grill shutters provide outstanding life and premium styling, which is far ahead of the competitors.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Premium grade

Automatic Perforated Shutters

The automatic perforated shutters have a see-through feature without sacrificing the security requirements. It is suitable for both industrial and commercial areas, with the right kind of security and convenience offered. The exclusive factors that make automatic perforated shutters the right choice are:

  • Automatic rolling shutters can be used to regulate the availability of natural light as well
  • Sleek and reflective design features
  • Durability

Automatic Glass Sectional Shutters

The automatic glass sectional shutters can be customized depending on your needs. The shutters made of high-class glass material provide a clear view of the interior. Discuss your requirement with us to design the one for you.

  • Adding comfort by reducing the heat loss
  • Elegantly designed by our expert team
  • Aesthetic appeal

Glidemaster for Automatic Rolling Shutters

Reach out to us for installing reliable, quality-proven and aesthetically pleasing automatic rolling shutters for your premises. We have a long and untainted legacy in the field to provide you with shutters of exceptional quality.
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