Garage is one of the most crucial parts of every home as it houses one of the most prized possessions – your cars! Apart from housing your cars, some garages also offer extra space that can be utilized for storage, gym, recreation and other such purposes. While some of the garages stand independent from the main house building, some are also attached to the main house via a backdoor. Thus, for safety reasons, it is important to have a strong, sturdy and secure garage door that can serve you well for years down the lane and also keep the intrusions at bay.

If you are looking for some advanced garage door options, that can guarantee your peace of mind along with the effortless operation, then automatic garage shutters are your best bet! Mainly the automatic garage shutters are of two types, they are Roll Up Garage Shutters & sectional garage shutters. The roll-up garage shutters includes,

  • Wood Finish Rolling Shutters
  • Wider span/mega-strength galvalume automatic roll-up shutters
  • Full flat prefinished galvalume automatic roll-up shutters
  • Multiwall rollup shutter
  • Polycarbonate garage roll-up shutters
  • Semi-flat galvalume automatic roll-up shutters

Here, we are going to discuss how automatic garage Shutters can offer the best protection, effortless operation and ease of maintenance, all the while fitting your budget nicely.

So, take a thorough read and learn the various benefits of automatic garage Shutters.

Safety and Security

The automatic garage Shutters don’t require manual operation and can be opened via remotes, voice commands, and scanner-based sensor systems. So the person driving the car doesn’t require coming out of the car to open the shutter. This way, the automatic Shutters ensure safety in multiple ways – from weather such as rains etc. and protection from intrusion. As the garage is connected with the house, the entry can be taken from that door itself and the person is safe from intruders as well. This is of extreme importance in cases when parents are out and kids are at home. They might be afraid of the dark and might find it hard to come outside to open the garage doors.

The automatic garage Shutters ensure safety in such situations.

Automatic operation means less effort

With the automatic garage shutters, your effort is minimized in opening and closing the shutters. Based on the different types of mechanisms you are using, you can give the open and close commands swiftly and park the car in just a few seconds. So, you don’t have to come out of the car to open the shutters and close the same once you are done with the parking. This is one of the most important benefits that come in handy in various situations.

Protection against intrusion

Most of the traditional shutters come with the lock mechanisms that are vulnerable to intrusions as they can be pried open. However, the automatic garage shutters come with a tough metal sheet that cannot be pried open like the traditional shutters. Further, most of them can be integrated with the smart and innovative alarm and surveillance systems and allow you remote monitoring as well. So, you can monitor the shutters as and when required and also get an alarm if anyone tries to open it with force. So, the automatic doors are highly resistant to intruders.

Ease of operation

Traditional garage shutters are unsafe for kids and can even hurt them if not handled properly. Same is the case with the elderly and people with health conditions that make them unable to respond to quick changes, such as people in wheelchairs, etc. The automatic shutters, on the other hand, are safe and easy to use. You can stop the shutters any time in-between any operation (open or close) in case a kid comes nearby, and also open and close the door at ease via a remote control.

Energy efficient

In the colder months, the automatic garage shutters don’t let as much heat out as the traditional shutters. So, they are more energy efficient and allow you to save-up on your power bills as well.


The automatic garage shutters are super easy to maintain as they come with a long life and minimal components for human interaction. These shutters don’t require regular greasing and levelling as everything is done electronically. There are no whatsoever alignment concerns as well. So, you can simply install them and use them with a carefree mind.


The automatic garage shutters come with a very long life spanning over decades. So, once you have invested the money, the shutters prove to be a smart investment. On the other hand, the traditional shutters serve you with an average life.

We hope that the benefits of automatic garage shutters shared here prove helpful to all our readers in making the right choice of shutters for their garages.