The invention that polycarbonate could be used for manufacturing rolling shutters has been significant in many ways. It has changed the way rolling shutters are manufactured and ended all the limitations it earlier had. Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic polymer containing carbonate groups in the chemical composition. Polycarbonate is known to possess characteristics that make them useful for varying purposes including the manufacturing of rolling shutters.

All the leading rolling shutter manufacturers in Kerala, who were using steel and Aluminium earlier, have changed to polycarbonate material. There is no doubt why polycarbonate became the first choice of rolling shutter manufacturers and dealers in Kerala. The strong, high-performing, tough, heat resistant, yet lightweight, material is ideal for the purpose. There are transparent types of polycarbonate too. It is the customer’s choice, which kind to choose.

What are Characteristics of Polycarbonate making it Preferred for Rolling Shutters?

Several unique qualities of polycarbonate material make the material the prime choice of Polycarbonate rolling shutter dealers in Kerala. We are elaborating on the qualities of polycarbonate material for those who are not aware of the same.

Let’s see the characteristics in detail.


The polycarbonate material possesses great strength. With high tensile strength, it can withstand attacks, external pressure, and temperature changes. This makes the material free from breakage, deformation, cracks, dents, and tears. Besides, ensuring longevity.

Thermal Resistance

Polycarbonates are thermally resistant. This assures that the material is fireproof up to a certain extent, a quality that is beneficial for the safety of every industry.


Maintaining polycarbonate rolling-shutter is very easy. It is not prone to defects very often. Cleaning and removal of dust will require just soft brush, cloth, soap, and water. A few rolling shutter manufacturers in Kerala use guides made of Nylon material that reduces friction and helps in the gliding of the shutters. Thereby, reducing the wearing out of rolling shutters due to constant rubbing. Therefore, the polycarbonate rolling shutter will not constant lubrication too.


The polycarbonate has an aesthetic appeal that distinguishes it from rolling shutters made of other material. It doesn’t require painting very often. The beauty of the shutters will remain for a longer period than other types of shutters. An added advantage that attracts clients to polycarbonate shutters.


The polycarbonate material has unmatched durability at an affordable price. You need not shell out too big an amount to manufacture an automatic rolling shutter for your home, commercial building, or industrial property. This has been instrumental in the steep rise of customers opting for polycarbonate rolling shutters.

Best for Automatic Rolling Shutters

With its exceptional qualities including lightweight, robust, heat resistant, tensile strength, and durability, polycarbonate is the best choice for automatic rolling shutters. Due to the same, the automatic rolling shutter manufacturers in Kerala prefer polycarbonate material. You can visit them to check it out in person.

Are you thinking of Installing Rolling Shutters?

You can install a rolling shutter at your home (commonly used for garage), commercial space, or industrial area. The polycarbonate rolling shutter dealers in Kerala can provide you with an automatic rolling shutter exclusively designed according to the dimensional requirements and aesthetic needs of yours. It will amplify the appearance of the space. As the polycarbonate material refracts light, the interior will require less artificial lighting during the daytime.

The advanced features of polycarbonate keep it ahead of steel and aluminium for manufacturing rolling shutters. Hence, most of the customers turn to automated polycarbonate rolling shutters. You may visit a dealer of the product to check the qualities and discuss the reliability of the product with the industrial experts before deciding on manufacturing one for you.