A shutter is a simple and effective method to safeguard your home or establishment from theft, break-in or harsh weather. Roller shutters are also visually appealing, occupying very little space when not in use. These shutters offer an additional layer of security while remaining attractive and stylish. There is a wide selection of styles and options to consider when purchasing roller shutters for your home or establishment, including colour manual, or automatic operation. When deciding on roller shutters, you can choose between gear shutters and automatic shutters. In this article, we will discuss the difference between gear shutters and automatic shutters.

Gear Shutters

Gear shutters are operated manually using a hand wrench or a winding handle. Gear operated rolling shutter is ideal for industrial applications. Gear shutters are designed to maintain a medium level of security. These solutions are cost-effective and require regular maintenance. They are offered in different metal options, like mild steel, cast iron, and more, to meet various client requirements. 

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Cheaper: The best thing about manual shutters is that they’re usually cheaper than automatic ones. Manual shutters typically have a lower price because they have fewer components.

No electricity needed: Manual shutters have the benefit of not needing electricity to operate. It means they cost less to run and still work during a blackout.


Slower: Opening the shutter manually takes considerably more time than using an automatic one, as it requires manual effort.

Inconvenience: Although it may not require much physical effort, opening the shutter can be somewhat bothersome.

Can only be used with smaller shutters: In cases where the shatters go over the recommended size and weight restrictions, it is mandatory for the door to be operated electrically

Longer installation: Installing manual roller shutters takes longer and is messier than drilling into the wall.

Servicing required: The wear of the pants in manual roller shutters needs to be checked more regularly, which is why a more frequent servicing schedule is required.

Automatic Shutters

Automatic or motorised shutters are roller shutters with a motor. Instead of manual operation, you can use a remote control or switchcontrol. Automatic shutters are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as homes, factories, businesses, and warehouses, to create functional and well protected spaces. The motor that opens and closes the shutter can be connected to electricity or solar power panels for energy efficiency.

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Easy to operate: With the assistance of a remote, automatic shutters can be effectively controlled when fitted with a simple motor, which means that you and your employees will be able to see for a considerable amount of time. You can prevent accidents by controlling the motor, which regulates the speed of the automatic shutter. In some cases, motorised shutters are designed to automatically stop or roll back if they detect an obstacle.

Durable: Automatic shutters can be made up of steel, aluminium or a combination of both. They are quite sturdy and resilient to adverse weather conditions. Also, a galvanised roller shutter is more durable and functional than regular ones.

Automatic Self-Locking: With the ability to self lock the drive system the Automatic Rolling shutters are more safe than traditional gear shutters ( without using extra manual locks)


Expensive: Unlike gear roller shutters, automatic shutters use advanced technology, which makes them more expensive.

Depends on electricity: Automatic shutters rely on electricity for their operation. In case of power outage or blackouts, automatic shutters may not work.

Installing an automatic shutter at home or office can provide you with numerous benefits. It is also a valuable investment. An automatic shutter makes it incredibly easy to lock up at the end of the day. This means that you get to enjoy enhanced efficiency, security, and convenience. Choosing an automatic shutter will depend on various factors, including the size of the entrance, the opening speed, and the locations where the shutters will be installed.

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While choosing a roller shutter for your residential or commercial establishment, make sure that it meets all your specific requirements. If you are confused about which type to choose, you can seek the advice of an expert. They will help you pick the ideal type of shutter for your establishment. No matter which type of roller shutter you choose, both gear and automatic shutters can provide you with the security you need to safeguard your establishment. To ensure that your manual or automatic shutters last for a long time, regular maintenance is important. Be it a gear or automatic roller shutter, each has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Take into consideration the pros and cons of both shutters before making a decision.

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