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Secure and safe shutters that can be used in a residential environments like windows, patio doors, sun rooms, sky lights or residential garages

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Garage Shutters

A residential garage is a walled, roofed structure for storing a vehicle or vehicles that may be part of or attached to a home ("attached garage"), or a separate outbuilding or shed ("detached garage"). Residential garages typically have space for one or two cars, although three-car garages are used.

What makes a Roll up Shutter stand out as a garage door type is the minimal space requirements it demands. It provides plenty of space in front of and inside the garage. You can drive directly up to the door for parking and the ceiling area of the garage remains available.

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Window shutters

A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering usually consisting of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom). Set within this frame can be louvers (both operable or fixed, horizontal or vertical), solid panels, fabric, glass and most any other item that can be mounted within a frame. Shutters may be employed for a variety of reasons, including controlling the amount of sunlight that enters a room, to provide privacy, security, to protect against weather or unwanted intrusion or damage and to enhance the aesthetics of a building.

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We are the first professional brand in automatic shutters from the state and today we are India’s most innovative brand rated by the country’s best corporates/retailers. Each product is designed, engineered and tested at every stage to live up to the highest norms in the industry.

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