Customised Automation

Glance to Customised Automation

The customization of your home automation system is completed by the selection of accessories offered in the catalogue that can cover all application needs.

Sliding Roof

A sliding roof is a roof system designed to roll back the roof on tracks so that the interior of the facility is open to the outdoors or to let the sunlight in Sliding roofs are sometimes referred to as operable roofs or retractable skylights. Sliding roofs are used in residences, restaurants and bars, swim centres, and other facilities wishing to provide an open-air experience at the push of a button. While any shape is possible, common shapes are flat, ridge, hip-ridge, barrel and dome. A residence might incorporate one or more 3' by 5' retractable; a bar or restaurant a retractable roof measuring 20' by 30'; and a meeting hall a 50' by 100' bi-parting-over-stationary.


Moving walls

Moving or sliding walls are a particular piece of architecture that is used to create an appearance of space but the space required is only on a conditional basis. When a particular space is required only for a certain required time and if privacy trumps the space factor for that said time, moving walls are the apt solution. Moving walls give you the flexibility between space and privacy. The resident can decide to vary the amount of light, ventilation and privacy in their home. On some walls, two tiers of panels pivot in alternate directions, while other walls feature panels that slide back and forth.The motorised systems and supporting structures are all concealed, heightening the effect.


Automatic Folding stairs

A fixed staircase is not the correct solution for every house, for the issue of space is always a problem to be solved. Adding to the fact that a fixed staircase is in no way aesthetically pleasing, people tend to look for an alternative solution and the solution to this is our Automatic folding stairs. Our stairs are aesthetically pleasing , made from premium materials that can be made to provide access to the smallest or most unconventional sized spaces. Our stairs fold into the designated space creating the illusion of not having the staircase at all. Unlike manual folding stairs, our system is fully automated and hence not at all physically taxing for the client. Tactile, easy to open and aesthetically beautiful, our Automatic Folding stairs will enhance any room without compromising on the space available.


Automatic Moving Floors

Moving Floors are highly popular in covering up indoor pools. They create a totally flexible, multifunctional living space.Many people want a luxury pool without permanently sacrificing space to the pool. When the moving floor is activated, it rises to the top of the pool, covering the water with a solid floor. We rigorously test all of our products, systems and materials to ensure that they are safe and comply with all the necessary standards.Other advantages include energy savings (because the floor helps combat heat loss) and less work to clean the pool (because a patio on top would prevent leaves falling in).